Celeb SVU cameos/guest roles

I’ve gotten into the self-care habit of throwing on an ep (or four) of SVU whenever I feel overwhelmed. IDK what it is about these especially heinous crimes, but they soothe me and distract me — work like magic.

Anyway, I pick eps at random and yesterday watched the two eps from Season 7 & Season 8 starring Chris Bridges — better known as Ludacris.

First of all, Luda is truly an amazing actor in these episodes (“Venom - S7” and “Screwed - S8" fwiw). I am a big fan of him in the Fast franchise, so I already knew this, but to see him in this more dramatic role — he’s actually REALLY GREAT.

Second of all, it got me thinking that I love a celeb cameo/guest roles on SVU. One of my favorite eps is the one Cynthia Nixon was in (I think the Season 9 premiere — what a great time for SVU) that she ended up winning an Emmy for. (It’s called “Alternate”.)

I’d love to pull together a list with other celeb guest roles — which eps are your favorite?