Kim Kardashian lied in her Ellen interview, straight up

As everyone's favorite/least favorite entrepreneurial and philanthropic Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel once said, "You can't play stupid and smart at the same time." And Kim Kardashian, I am looking at you SO HARD after your Ellen DeGeneres interview. Kimmy lied through her m*ther f*cking veneers to Ellen and it's just so insulting! Guys I'm riled up.

Ellen asked Kim if she posted a picture of her and Pete Davidson on Instagram to make it "official" and to make people stop guessing as to whether or not they were dating, and Kim said, and I quote:

"I guess it's like, not official until you post?" ... "I don't know what the right thing to do is. Like, I haven't dated since before Instagram existed, so, I don't know what the rules are!"

I'm sorry, did the soon-to-be-lawyer who just told us last week that we need to work harder, just try to convince us that she, the most powerful Instagram influencer in the world, DOESN'T KNOW HOW INSTAGRAM WORKS?

Lemme get this straight: Kim thinks we'll BELIEVE that she just HAPPENED to post a pic of Pete and that it wasn't a calculated move that probably required a war room, 100 bottles of unopened mini Fiji water bottles, ten glass jars of vanilla Oreos, and a PR team larger than the Lakers? I hate it here.

And girl, please. If you care enough to photoshop the rug in the pic you posted, YOU KNOW HOW INSTAGRAM WORKS AND HOW ANNOUNCING DATING WORKS.

Not to mention the convenient timing of her "we're dating" post as a distraction from the "work harder" comment.

You can't tell us you're a brilliant business woman who works hard then tell us you "don't know what the right thing to do is" on a platform that you made millions from.

You're better than this, Kim! Just say, "Yes, I knew I had to post and I couldn't find the right photos and it was so stressful but I'm glad we're now 'Instagram Official' and I can talk about how kewt we are."

I am available for PR consulting tysm.