Whose fault is it anyway?

Many people were upset and disturbed by the fact that Kim kardashian wore Marilyn Monroes famous HBD JFK dress to the met gala. She infamously bragged about losing 17 pounds to fit in it. Even after she lost all of that weight in an unhealthy amount of time she couldn’t fully zip the dress and it was hidden behind the fur. What’s even more angering is that she ended up slipping into a replica after the red carpet anyway. Well now, the dress has some crystals hanging off of it and not even being funny it’s in the butt area. There are before and after photos of it and not only are crystals missing but it is dirtier than when she received it. I would say that if this is true and this happened, Kim Kardashian is to blame but honestly it’s not her or her team that is at fault. It is actually whoever owns the dress which I believe is Ripleys believe it or not museum to even allow her to take a 60-year-old iconic piece of history just so she can wear it to an event where she change into a replica later. Maybe this was a lesson to stop allowing the Kardashians to believe that they are above everyone else and trying to stake their claim on culture that doesn’t belong to them.