Can The Kardashians Be Canceled?

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Can The Kardashians Be Canceled?

On this planet earth, the Kardashians are about as much a given as air. Since Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered in 2006, they've been inescapable — on our TV screens, on tabloids, on social media, and, surely, on whatever Meta ends up being. Well, maybe. Though the family has weathered nearly every imaginable storm (and weathered it all rather publicly), criticism surrounding their actions and inactions following Astroworld could possibly lead to what never seemed inevitable: a Kardashian cancelation.

At least, that's a possible reality that Morgan's Pop Talks host Morgan Wright considers in her latest podcast episode, which provides a deep dive into the Astroworld tragedy, where to donate (including Bethenny Frankel's own BStrong), and the shocking lack of empathy and response from the Kardashian clan outside of Travis Scott's partner, Kylie Jenner.

Listen to the new episode, sponsored by ZocDoc, below (or on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts) to find out more, as well as get host Morgan Wright's take on the RHOBH reunion, and more trending stories from this week in pop culture.

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