The 20 Fakest Moments From All 20 Seasons Of 'KUWTK,' Ranked

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The 20 Fakest Moments From All 20 Seasons Of 'KUWTK,' Ranked

Well guys, I’ve spent about 18 hours over the past four days “keeping up” with old episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to prepare for the series finale Thursday night. If I start saying ".......yep" after everything anyone says or eating giant salads and chewing with my eyes wide open, call the authorities.

One thing I noticed during my KUWTK binge is that while the Kards have definitely gone through some real stuff since the show premiered in 2007, some of which was caught on film, most of the scenes feel completely fake. (Which, interestingly, makes all of the very real and painful moments from recent years feel all the more poignant.)

But we're not here to focus on reality. We're here to focus on the Reality TV of it all. In honor of the series finale, it makes sense to separate the real from the fake. Let’s look back at the last 20 seasons and consider the top 20 fakest moments in Kardashian history.

20. Kim Finds a "Random" Dog on the Street

Back in Season 4, Episode 6 Kim is out shopping and sees a wayward Chihuahua wandering on the street in front of a nail salon and she decides to take her in. After a vet visit we find out that the pup (which Kim has named Princess) is quite sick, and Kim's busy schedule of Bongo photo shoots doesn't allow her to give Princess the round-the-clock care she desperately needs, so Princess is adopted by someone else.

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