Are you the person you imagined people your age to be?

When you were younger did you have an idea of what people were like at 30? 40? For instance, I remember thinking women who were 30 were SO grown up and had their shit together... Then I hit 30 and realized what a joke that was. If you had an image of what life looked like at a certain age, are you the person that you imagined at your current age?

I am hitting a milestone birthday this year and I'm definitely not what I imagined a woman my age would be. Yes, I have a career and a spouse, but I do not "feel" my age or the way I viewed women my age when I was younger.

Am I alone in this? Does this make me immature or delusional? Do I need to call my therapist? And listen, I definitely don't feel 25, but I just thought I'd feel differently at this age.