My hangovers are like receiving a dementor's kiss

This weekend I had one of the top 5 worst hangovers of my life.

I'd love to be the type of girl who says "OMG I'm, like, sooOo hungover" when they get a little headache, look super cute in a messy bun, and sip gatorade while recapping a wild night out. Unfortunately, when I get hungover, I'm actually, like, sooOo hungover.

A dehydrated toad. A dilapidated shell of a person. A dry heaving bridge troll, if you will.

For example, yesterday I opted to sleep in the backseat of my brother in law's car while the rest of the family went into a restaurant for brunch.

So help me feel better and give me your best (worst) hangover story. Because let's just say having my in laws crack the car window like I'm a labrador wasn't my finest moment.