Which TV Show Would Be Made Better With Murder?

I recently read a tweet by @prestonmaxallen (I say "recently," but it was literally a minute ago, so... very recently) that said "In season 3 of Emily in Paris she needs to murder someone and it needs to be about that."

Naturally, this got me thinking. Actually, I I wish I could say this was the first time my mind went here, but in fact, it is not. Far from it. Not with Emily in Paris, necessarily, but I do think about which shows would be better if they were a thriller. For instance, it's a movie, not a TV show, but I *always* wanted a High School Musical murder mystery. Can't you just hear Ashley Tisdale deliver the final monologue when it's revealed Sharpay is the murderous mastermind?! CHILLS.

In terms of TV, though, I think The Comeback would have benefited with a murder season. Valerie Cherish hiding a body and covering it up for a full season? Give Lisa Kudrow the Emmy NOW.

Is this just me (and Preston Max Allen)? Do you NOT think about murder all of the time? Which of your favorite shows would thrive with a murder plotline?