'Jupiter's Legacy' Reveals Why Superman Would Be The Worst Dad

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'Jupiter's Legacy' Reveals Why Superman Would Be The Worst Dad

Jupiter's Legacy confirms what I've long suspected: It would suck to be Superman's child.

Over the years, Superman has fathered a host of children across the comic book multiverse, and a version of the character is currently proving himself to be a decent dad to angsty teens on The CW's Superman & Lois. But have you ever thought about what kind of father a real life version of Superman would be? I suspect Superman and The Utopian would have similar parenting skills, or, more precisely, they would have zero parenting skills.

Warning: Spoilers for the first season of Jupiter's Legacy.

The Utopian proves my theory in the very first episode as he switches between neglecting his children in favor of saving the world and burdening them with ridiculously high expectations and withering looks of disappointment. There's no denying the man is a solid superhero with good intentions, but wow, is he ever a terrible parent.

For example, when his daughter, Chloe, gets angry and uses her powers while playing with her brother and their friend, The Utopian has all the time in the world to fly down and lecture her about how nothing is more important than his code. However, the minute he decides to act like a dad and take his kids for ice cream, he hears sirens and flies off to save the day.

Which OK, fair enough, he's a hero and he has to do hero things. But there's an entire union of superheroes. Sometimes, you just have let other people help out, otherwise, your kids grow up with raging insecurity issues and a yearning for their father's approval that will definitely lead to them making terrible life choices.

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