Is George On 'Jupiter's Legacy' Supposed To Be Batman Or Iron Man? An Investigation

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Is George On 'Jupiter's Legacy' Supposed To Be Batman Or Iron Man? An Investigation

Quick name this superhero: He's an ultra-wealthy, womanizing playboy with a witty butler and a dark side due to the tragic deaths of his parents. Is it Batman? Is it Iron Man? Yes! But it's also George Hutchence/Skyfox (Matt Lanter), better known as Jupiter's Legacy's most interesting superhero.

Warning: Spoilers for the first season of Jupiter's Legacy follow. Buckle up!

Sadly, Season 1 of Jupiter's Legacy only scratches the surface or George's backstory and the major dustup that led to him splitting from the Union of Justice. As such, viewers are only given a brief glimpse of present day George rocking his dark purple, Bruce Wayne-approved Skyfox suit. That sneak peek at modern day George is enough to give off major Batman vibes though.

Jupiter's Legacy is based on a comic book series by Mark Miller, who famously wrote the "Civil War" comic that Marvel's Captain America: Civil War was based on, as well as numerous Superman comics for DC and a poignant Christmas-themed installment of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. As a result, he knows both the DC and Marvel universes inside and out, and you can bet the Jupiter's Legacy's characters resemblance to their more famous hero counterparts is very much intentional.

The only thing that's unclear is whether George is on track to be more of an Iron Man stand-in, or this superhero universe's answer to Batman — which brings me to my highly scientific investigation.

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