'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Theories A Season 2 Will Need To Explore

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'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Theories A Season 2 Will Need To Explore

The season finale of I Know What You Did Last Summer answered plenty of our burning questions — thanks in part to a post-credits scene from Margot, who was revealed as the mastermind behind all the murders — but what fans may not have expected was just how many new ones it asked. While the show revealed that Margot's motive was the fact that Alison had stolen the identity of her one true love, Lennon, Margot's murders weren't the only drama for the show to explore. There are still quite a few loose threads that the show could tug on for Season 2, and they might blow up everything in Alison and Margot's life, especially now that the two have agreed to essentially let bygones be bygones and keep the secrets between them quiet.

Here's what the show revealed in its final episode that it needs to explore should it be renewed for a second season.

Riley Is Alive (!!!!!!)

While I would have put good money on the fact that Margot was a psychopathic murderer, nothing could have prepared me for Riley surviving her honey-fication. Alas, that's exactly what was revealed in the final moments of the show, when the statuesque body of Riley, still chilling in the police fridge, opened her eyes. For Margot, this could pose quite a few problems. Did Riley see that it was Margot who chased her down in the truck? Even if she didn't, how can Margot be so sure? Given that Margot doesn't love loose ends, she might be tempted to off her one-time bestie in Season 2...with the help of her girlfriend "Lennon." Eep.

Dylan's Doing Some Questionable Things In Prison

Look, Dylan's an absolute weirdo, but I was willing to put up with him considering the extreme circumstances. Now, though, it looks like he's starting a cult (a suicidal cult!) in prison, which will no doubt get a bit more complicated once it's revealed that Riley is alive. Dylan might be convinced that the honey preservation ceremony was what saved Riley's life (or gave her the ability of "rebirth") which might just fuel his interest in the cult life. Given that a whole bunch of cultists died by suicide years earlier...this does not spell out good news for the town.

Alison's A Murderer, Kind Of

It's a subtle moment in the finale, but it's heavily implied that Alison knew exactly what she was doing when she hit Lennon. It wasn't an accident at all — she hit the gas, not the brakes, when she saw her sister in the road. Now, it was also suggested, in a previous episode, that Lennon was pretty keen on dying, too — and that she ran towards the car, rather than trying to get out of the way. Still, when Alison says that she's done some pretty bad things, it's not just switching identities with her sister in order to save her own skin. She may have legitimately killed her on purpose, too. If she can kill her own twin, well...what else is Alison capable of?

The OG Cult Is Still Around

While many members of the cult died by suicide in the caves, not all of them did, as evidenced by Alison's mother's return. She wanted the bible for a specific type of ceremony, that Dylan may or may not also be involved in. It's worth nothing that if Alison's mom is still invested in the beliefs of the cult, it's possible that she and her husband Frank recruited other people, too. Now that Alison's mother was murdered, these people might come out of the woodwork, either for revenge or further recruitment. All I'm saying is: I'd sleep with one eye open.

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