'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Ep. 1 Recap: A Twisted Reveal

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'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Ep. 1 Recap: A Twisted Reveal

Welcome to my weekly recaps of Amazon's new reboot series, I Know What You Did Last Summer. Before we begin, I need to preface these recaps with a statement that will probably become clear quickly into this series, but should be mentioned nonetheless. Everything scares me: ghosts, home invasions, heights, blonde children, sharks, aliens, mountain lions, the dark. And yet, here I am, vowing to watch (and write about) all eight episodes of a show about someone stalking and murdering a group of friends.

I don’t know why I thought it would make sense for me to be the person to watch this show as I am easily the most terrified person in the world. When my husband leaves for business trips, I push my dresser in front of the bedroom door so nobody can murder me in my sleep. I guess my home burning down while I’m locked in my room is less of a fear of mine?

We begin with Lennon, our (I presume, but it’s too early to tell) Final Girl, returning to her Hawaiian hometown for the first time since last summer. (Duh, duh, duh.) She’s driving along the beautiful coast, and already we know the stakes are higher in this show than in the 1997 movie.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and friends spent their Fourth of July decked out in cardigans, running around a fishing village in North Carolina. They should have been thanking Ben Willis for tormenting them because what else would they have normally been doing? The highlight of their town square was a department store. A department store! The fisherman did them a favor. But this is Hawaii, so we know these teens have something to live for, if not just the beach.

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