The 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Ending, Explained

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The 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Ending, Explained

Time after time, I’ve been burned by mystery-focused teen dramas. (I’m mostly looking at you, Pretty Little Liars, but Scream Queens and Gossip Girl are certainly getting some side eye, as well.) With such an emphasis on keeping a character’s identity a secret throughout the series, the reveal barely ever pays off.

Which is why I was pleasantly shocked by how I Know What You Did Last Summer handled the killer’s reveal in its final episode. Margot reveals herself to be the killer, and we get a line or two of what led her to do it, but as the action wraps up and we make our way to the show’s final moments, plot holes filled my head. “But wait, she was with the group when…” Not so fast.

Not only are we lucky enough to get a quick confession that moves the finale along towards its dramatic conclusion, but we’re also gifted with a full breakdown during the end credits from everyone’s favorite sociopathic content creator.

Let’s jump into it, shall we?

While chaos ensued after the accident, Margot took Allison’s phone and downloaded an app that let her send threatening messages on a timer. Children really are the future. I can barely work my Google calendar, and Margot is out here scheduling death threats so she’ll have an alibi.

She roped Dale into planting the goat head in Lennon’s closet by telling him it was a practical joke. I’ve done some pretty weird things in my adolescence that I look back on and say “...why?” (I used to steal traffic cones for the thrill of it. Is that illegal? Should I not have confessed? Will I be arrested?), but I think this takes the cake. A bloody goat head in someone’s closet? As a prank? This is unsoothed behavior, and Dale should have been asking questions, quite frankly.

But then — good on Dale — he did start asking questions. So many, in fact, that he began to threaten that he would tell if Margot didn’t pay. She paid him off using bitcoin from Lennon’s OnlyFans before realizing it was extortion and he had to be punished. Cut to: the slushie machine. Now, nowhere in her little confession video does she say why the murders needed to be so brutal. I don’t think I’m capable of murder, but if I was, I feel like there’s a difference between doing it out of need and doing it for sport. Margot clearly believes she had to kill these people, which is fine - live your truth. But wouldn’t a sensible throat slit have done the trick? Did we need to shove a slushie tube down his throat? The punishment is not matching the crime, Marg.

When Officer Doug discovered the bitcoin payment and began snooping, Margot asked him to meet her at the funeral, where she slit his throat. (See? Now this is fine. Do your business, but don’t get crazy about it!) Unfortunately, Harold the chef was using the toilet at the time, so he had to go. I’d make a “shit out of luck” pun here, but it seems crass, so let’s move on.

If you thought Margot’s behavior thus far was committable, you don’t even know. She says it herself - she truly “lost it” when Allison kissed her and then ghosted her, which is why she ran Riley over (with Clara’s truck) after she called her a psycho. I’m normally not one for labels, but I think Riley may have been right. I mean…

Margot’s mental decline drove her back to her bad habit of mukbanging, and when her mother found out and confronted her about it, Margot broke down and told her everything. My parents would certainly ship me off to Hell, or Alcatraz at the very least, if I confessed to murdering four people, but Margot’s mom suggested blaming Clara since everyone thought she was insane anyway. That’s a plan, I guess.

Margot’s hired security, Kyle, got in on the mix when he walked in on her killing Johnny. Luckily (for who, I’m not sure), Margot threatened to tell her mom that Kyle was sleeping with her dad, so he agreed to help. After all, that’s what he was hired for - to keep her out of trouble. He pushed Margot out of the window to throw suspicion off of her, killed Courtney when she got too close to the truth, and planted Clara’s spiders in the brains of the previous victims to point it back to her. Whatever security company he is employed by needs to start advertising these services on their website; they are truly a one-stop shop. If Kyle does catering, this company is unstoppable.

Clara’s suicide was a coincidence, and Dylan’s obsession with cults made it easy to pin everything on him. (He was certainly my main suspect throughout the series, so I see what she meant.)

Step-by-step breakdowns during the ending credits should be required of all shows with any sort of mystery from now on. I still have questions about how Penelope knew everything she did on Bridgerton; want to know what would clear that up? A last minute monologue.

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