My Shameful Pop Culture Blindspot

All it takes is listening to one episode of "I Am The Cute One" to know that I've got a real problem.

Somehow, I missed the memo and just never got around to watching the important formative movies every other human person on this planet seems to have watched. And I'm not talking about niche films or indie flicks. I'm talking the big ones. (Like, I...watched Cruel Intentions for the first time....this year.)

Which leads me to ask two very important questions:

1. What are your top 3 MUST WATCH movies? (So I can add them to my list)

2. Do you have any shameful Pop Culture Blindspots?

Oh, and to hear me experience movies I should have seen a decade ago for the first time with a fresh 2022 lens, check out the podcast I do with my best friend, Donny!