Did Your Middle School Have A Matchmaking Service?

A new episode of ‘I Am The Cute One’ is out now, and this week, we’re covering the Will Smith/Kevin James hit, ‘Hitch.’

All of the talk about a professional matchmaker made me think about the time my middle school ran a fundraiser called DataMatch, which was basically just a dating service for kids but on scantron paper instead of an app.

You’d fill out a multiple choice survery (my idea of a perfect Friday night is A) hanging with friends at the mall B) seeing a movie C) reading a good book D) an ice cream party with my parents) then you could purchase your results for $5. What results, you ask? The 10 students of the opposite sex that you are most compatible with.

Did anyone else’s school do this? Or is Bensalem Township just completely unhinged??