What Have Celebrities Made You Buy?

It’s no secret that if you want me to buy something, you just need a celebrity endorsement. In college, I tried the Master Cleanse diet (unsuccessfully. for 3 days) just because Beyoncé did it. During the early days of quarantine, I found myself in possession of two tie dye sweatsuits courtesy of Ashley Tisdale, a LED therapy mask thanks to January Jones, and a 6 month subscription to Hello Fresh because one of the grown-ish cast members decided to cook for themselves. Let’s not get started on the time Kaley Cuoco admitted she owned a Shake Weight - because then I, too, owned a Shake Weight.

In the early 2000s, though, celebrities were all about the graphic tees: Britney’s DUMP HIM, Lindsay’s SKINNY BITCH, and Paris Hilton keeping Von Dutch in business. You don’t need to do much math to figure out that meant that my closet was stocked with humorous graphic tees. Everyone Loves An Italian Boy, Team LC, Italian Stallion, C is for Crunk, Jesus is My Homeboy. In short, if Hollister or Urban Outfitters threw a phrase on a cotton tee, I owned it.

Did you fall victim to the graphic tee curse of the celebrities of the early aughts? If not, what celebrity-endorsed products DID you just *have* to buy?

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