What's Your First Pop Culture Memory?

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What's Your First Pop Culture Memory?

If you're here, you are one of us. (One of us. One of us.) So that means there was a single moment in your lifetime that brought you into the pop culture consciousness, and convinced you that this would be your life's passion. The thing that would drive you to the newsstands to buy every issue of People and Us Weekly, until there were barely issues of People and Us Weekly anymore, so you spend every waking free moment tapping through DeuxMoi instead. You live for pop culture, but can you remember why?

So, in the latest episode of Samantha Bush's Hot Off The Mess, she asked you: What was that memory that made you obsessed with pop culture? And, with your answers, you all delivered — between Nipplegate, a girl scouts trip to Neverland (excuse?), and so much more, you all proved that you came of age in the best age.

But there's more to this week's episode. Sam touches on the good (a Sopranos spin-off!), the bad (wtf Bill Cosby), and the very ugly (hello Bachelor PPP loan scandal!) Listen to the latest episode of Sam's podcast, and tell us in the comments about your first pop culture memory!

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