What's Your Favorite Modern-Day Celebrity Love Story?

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What's Your Favorite Modern-Day Celebrity Love Story?

Twenty years ago, Nicole Kidman was the subject of a now-iconic photo that pictured her jubilantly leaving her divorce lawyer's office. And, on this day, 15 years after she moved on from Tom Cruise and tied the knot with Keith Urban, she's posted another photo that really too should be granted icon status. (I mean... come on.) The photo pretty much cements it: When it comes to celebrity love stories, it's tough to top Keith and Nicole's. It. Has. Everything. Drama! Romance! Scientology! Everything!

At least, that's the perspective of Samantha Bush during this week's new episode of Hot Off the Mess, which not only celebrates the anniversary of the Aussie legends, but also a new-ish celebrity pairing, Travis Barker and Kim Kardashian. (Anyone is better than Scott, though.)

Can we hold these couples on the same pedestal occupied by the Liz Taylor and Richard Burtons of the world? Who has the best modern-day celebrity love story?

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Listen to the latest episode of Sam's podcast, and weigh in in the comments! And try to convince me it's not Guy Fieri and his wife.


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