We Need To Talk About Britney

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We Need To Talk About Britney

Guys, we need to talk about Britney. Good thing, following the pop star's explosive testimony in court about her conservatorship, Hot Off The Mess host Sam Bush is here to rifle through the details in a special bonus episode of The Dipp's podcast.

In this episode, Sam talks about what exactly went down in court, who is (and, more pointedly, who isn't) supporting Britney Spears during this time, and the surprising musician who might have been the whistleblower on the shocking control Spears' father has over her career and life. Though the #freebritney movement started with mockery and derision, anyone who listened to Spears' words no doubt understands just how necessary the movement is — not only for the pop star, but for others who might have been placed under abusive conservatorships.

So click below to listen to the full episode, and check back tomorrow for Sam's regular Friday episode of Hot Off The Mess. After over a decade, will Britney finally be free?

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