My Journey With An Eating Disorder

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My Journey With An Eating Disorder

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode is a little different. After a few Instagram posts I made over the weekend and the feedback I was getting from all of you, I decided to kind of sit down and open up with you all about my ongoing journey with my "eating issue" as I liked to call it, and my relationship with food.

I don't have it all figured out and might have used this podcast as a therappé session but I really felt this urge to open up about it. And of course, I touch on the skinny privilege we are constantly subjected to on social media every single day.

I just ask that everyone who listens to this episode be kind to me and be kind to yourself. We are all figuring it out in the current hellscape.

Thanks to Zocdoc for allowing me to scream into the void on this podcast week after week.

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