Let's Talk About 'LuLaRich,' "Chi-Poo Poo," and The Tijuana Skinnies

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Let's Talk About 'LuLaRich,' "Chi-Poo Poo," and The Tijuana Skinnies

I haven't been able to stop talking about the documentary series streaming on Amazon Prime called LuLaRich. It details the rise and fall of this multi-level marketing brand LuLaRoe that sells heinous leggings, while targeting mothers who are looking for "more." But it's not just that. There's so much more to it.

And what better person to talk about this with other than The Dipp's very own Executive Editor Allison Piwowarski. We take on this four part docu-series, we laugh, we cringe, and we pour one out for Daryl who can no longer listen to his favorite Kelly Clarkson duet. All because of these brightly colored, patterned leggings. Come along with us, it is a fucking wild ride. And the moral of the story, if you ever get a "Hey Girlie girl!" message on social media, get the fuck out and run.

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