This Is A Story About Heartbreak & Hinge Voice Prompts

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This Is A Story About Heartbreak & Hinge Voice Prompts

*Braces self.* OK, to be very honest and frank, I had a really rough summer. I was in a relationship last winter that lasted about six months and it was a good one. It wasn't that "can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff" like Kristie Alley describes in It Takes Two. but just felt... nice. Comfortable. I didn't have anxiety about it. We openly communicated about our feelings and did so honestly. He never made me feel broken or damaged. It was just a good relationship. I didn't know where it was headed but I thought we were happy. Then suddenly it ended.

I wish sometimes that he just ghosted me one day, or did it via text so I could tell my friends what an asshole he is over bottomless mimosas. But he didn't. He was kind, sweet, and did it in person. It reminded me why I even liked him in the first place. He is a good person. And somehow, that made healing from this short lived relationship even harder. I'm not someone who wallows in things, I like to keep pushing forward but this one, this one did a number on me.

I had so many good things happening around the time we broke up, and yet the entire summer was a haze of complete numbness. I couldn't even feel happy for myself. It was so weird. So out of character for me. I never experienced it in this way. So I took some time. I took time to get my shit together, to just relax, to not feel that pressure to "be ok" in a hurry and meet someone new. It was hard to sit in it, but it was necessary.

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