Madeline Brewer Is Ready To Play Madonna, Hollywood

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Madeline Brewer Is Ready To Play Madonna, Hollywood

In Part 1 of our discussion with the Emmy-nominated Madeline Brewer, we chat about Janine’s role at the Red Center on The Handmaid's Tale. In Part 2, we dive deeper into Janine’s backstory, as revealed in a Season 4 flashback, and how the narrative of Gilead remains relevant. In Part 3, we sing Janine’s praises – as a singer and dancer, that is – and explore Brewer’s aspirations to play the ultimate Material Girl.

One of the nice things about Janine’s backstory is that you get to sing again.

The singing in the show is always so beautiful and so wonderful, because every time we’ve seen Janine sing, it’s to her child. It’s been really special to be able to sing these songs for these little babies. My mom sang to me, too. Singing is such a big piece of my soul. If I’m anxious or there’s something going on in my life, it just relieves the tension.

You’ve been putting the word out that you’d like to play Madonna in an upcoming biopic. What’s your favorite Madonna song? What’s Janine’s favorite Madonna song?

My favorite Madonna song is “Like a Prayer.” Janine’s favorite Madonna song… I want to say “Vogue.” But I have a feeling that when Janine does karaoke, she does “Material Girl.” Very fun. Very playful, that Janine.

And yes, I am very interested in playing Madonna. I’ve been told that I resemble her, especially now that I’m blonde again. About once a week, someone tells me, “You kind of look like Madonna.” I always have been a big fan. There’s a quote attributed to Madonna that says, “Power is being told that you’re not loved, and not being destroyed by it.” That really affected me, as a teen. I have a version of that – not those exact words – tattooed on my body. So I’ve got Madonna in my skin.

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