This Is The Weirdest Product Halston Ever Made

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This Is The Weirdest Product Halston Ever Made

At one point in Netflix's Halston, a miniseries chronicling the rise and fall of one of America's most famed fashion designers, the designer (Ewan McGregor) intones: "Halston for your today. Halston for your every day. Halston for your world." And he isn't kidding. While his career began with a focus on minimalist styles that made women feel beautiful, by the '80s his name was being used to hawk everything from perfume to luggage and... carpet?

In terms of weird products Halston made, carpet might just be the weirdest. In a vintage commercial from 1979, the real Halston is seen caressing carpet swatches as he talks about his desire to make "carpets to dress your home." The ad is more than a little bit jarring, especially when you remember this is the same person who revolutionized a stagnant fashion industry. But by this point, the designer's career was largely in the hands of others.

These days, it's not only accepted, but also celebrated when designers sign lucrative licensing deals to create affordable collaborations with retailers like Target. Likewise, fashion designers and celebrities alike regularly branch out to stamp their names on luggage, sunglasses, and even furniture. However, when Halston signed his career-ending deal with JCPenney in the early '80s, the practice was basically unheard of.

Practically overnight, his brand went from being synonymous with elegance to being derided by his rich clientele. Even Saturday Night Live skewered his decision to sell the rights to his name in a 1987 episode starring Phil Hartman as a disgruntled version of the designer. "The Halston trademark doesn't belong to me anymore, I sold it," Hartman says with derision after being asked about an upcoming Halston picnic cooler.

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