Lizzie (And Her Accent) Already Won 'GBBO'

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Lizzie (And Her Accent) Already Won 'GBBO'

A baker, a dog influencer, and a Harry Potter fan? What's not to love about Lizzie from The Great British Bake Off? The baker from Liverpool might not make the tidiest bakes of this season, but with her orange hair, her Liverpudlian accent (bless), and her ability to crack up even Paul Hollywood, she's a frontrunner when it comes to my heart.

If Noel Fielding or Matt Lucas ever want to leave, I say Lizzie should be the next Great British Bake Off host. (You can't make me say Great British Baking Show, Netflix — you just can't!) Because she chats with such ease when the hosts come up to her. And while both Noel and Matt are affable, as they should be, she seems to genuinely make them laugh with her antics. She seems pretty great on social media too with her riffing on Squid Game on TikTok, sharing on Instagram that she has "Cake?" tattooed on the inside of her bottom lip, and being buds with fellow contestant Freya.

With only three episodes released in the U.S., here's how Lizzie has won this season of Great British Bake Off so far.

Her Accent

With more and more ex-pats invading the tent with the likes of Giuseppe and Jürgen, you may have feared that there'd be less of the wide array of British accents in the tent this season. Enter: Lizzie. She's a "Scouser," meaning she's from Liverpool and has a Scouse accent. As explained in this "English Like A Native" YouTube video, Lizzie showcases some signature Scouse characteristics when she constricts the "k" sounds at the end of words. Just look at Prue and Paul's faces as Lizzie tells them she's got "photos of youse all of me mixer" above. Even U.K. viewers are claiming they need to watch with captions on when it comes to Lizzie.

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