Jurgen's Deadpan Delivery On 'Great British Bake Off' Is The Real Showstopper

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Jurgen's Deadpan Delivery On 'Great British Bake Off' Is The Real Showstopper

Although his bakes aren't dry, his humor tends to be. Jürgen on The Great British Bake Off not only has Showstoppers but the two-time winning Star Baker's got jokes. The Jürgenator made a baking comeback in "Pastry Week," but throughout this season, the German contestant who doubles as a Winnie the Pooh impersonator has consistently showcased his lovable, no-nonsense sense of humor.

Jürgen doesn't chat quite as much as some other contestants. And fitting his German efficiency, he is economical with his words. But when he's not explaining the science behind his baking, he's making some extremely dry remark. Like in the below deleted scene from "Pastry Week" shared by The Great British Bake Off Twitter account. While his fellow contestants debate what type of bee has entered the tent, Jürgen all cool, calm, and collected tells them simply, "That is a fly."

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Jürgen's quintessential German-ness makes nearly everything he says funny — joke or otherwise. Here's why he should be crowned the Deadpan King as well as Star Baker.

"I Can't Quite Remember The Text"

After Matt sang The Flintstones theme song to him in German, Jürgen admitted to not being a big fan of Fred and Wilhelmina.

"Nobody At Home?"

When he wanted to tell his loved ones he won Star Baker in Week 1's Cake Week, he got no answer.

"Well, What My Colleague Used To Say, I've Got It Not Only Here, I've Got It Here As Well"

Do I even get this joke? Nein. But Jürgen showing off his guns had to be included.

"She's Not Allowed To Look"

Sorry, Crystelle, but no girls were allowed to look at Jürgen's tidy baking bench in Biscuit Week.

"You Know, It Would Get Boring"

After winning the first two Star Bakers, Jürgen acknowledged the show needed to switch it up a bit to avoid going stale.

"I Haven't Eaten Babies"

Matt wasn't buying it when Jürgen claimed he hadn't tasted some sweet baby during Bread Week.

"Break A Leg And Break Your Neck"

Jürgen was simply giving a German language lesson during German Week, but as Freya said, this good luck phrase was rather brutal.

"One Host"

Jürgen seemed unbothered that he was making Noel question his job security when he said there's only one host of the German version of Great British Bake Off.

"I Haven't Made One, I Haven't Eaten One."

When Matt wrongfully assumed that Jürgen had made a Prinzregententorte, he set the record straight.

"Yeah, It's Terrible"

Jürgen got even drier when Matt claimed him not having Prinzregententorte was a "waste of being German."

"I'm Not So Much Into Chocolate Cakes."

He threw some shade at chocolate cakes after he lost the German Week's technical challenge to Giuseppe. Get this German a cream cake or black forest cake STAT!

"I Didn't Have A Problem With That"

Paul said he struggled when making beer-soaked breads, but Jürgen's apparently more of a bread expert than judge Paul Hollywood. Clearly, German Week brought out the German in Jürgen.

"Pretty Clear, Isn't It?"

While the rest of the bakers struggled with the star geometric pattern on their baklavas during Pastry Week, Jürgen showed off his scale skills.

In summary, even when he's not entirely kidding, his deadpan delivery makes me a very happy Jürgen indeed.

Images: Netflix

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