Nelly Yuki's 'Gossip Girl' Reboot Cameo Is Everything I Ever Wanted

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Nelly Yuki's 'Gossip Girl' Reboot Cameo Is Everything I Ever Wanted

Once an Upper East Sider, always an Upper East Sider. Gossip Girl O.G. Nelly Yuki guest starred on the Gossip Girl reboot, looking incredible in Episode 5, "Hope Sinks," and being what she was always meant to be: a boss.

Nelly is the second O.G. to appear on the reboot, though she's also the most high profile. As one of Blair's enemies-turned-minions at Constance in the original show, she frequently found herself in the middle of the Blair and Jenny drama, but ended up coming out relatively unscathed by it all, landing a spot at Yale and leaving GG in Season 2. She came back in the show's final season, already a star reporter for Women's Wear Daily (WWD).

Nelly Yuki may have played second (or third, or forth) fiddle to Blair Waldorf in high school, but it was always clear she was going to have the last laugh. And what better way to prove life gets better after high school than to have a triumphant New York Magazine editor Nelly shut down Obie's Gossip Girl-worthy drama at the annual Huluween party in "Hope Sinks." She only has a few scenes, but in that time she manages to own her Eva Chen costume (see below), take no shit from her slimy employee Simon, and give Obie some critical Gossip Girl advice. She even referenced her classic "Tights are not pants" moment, telling Obie that Chen was "somewhere in tights being me."

Image: HBO Max
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