Favorite Moments!

Last week, my dear friend and co-host Samantha Bush and I got down to it and took on Gilmore girls in a special episode of Shortcomings. And we barely scratched the surface! To me, Gilmore girls is the rare show where watching it feels like reading a book. The characters have all the charm of Jane Austen, but the familial and romantic drama is circular and never ending like one of that Tolstoy book I never finished.

So I want to get into it...what are some of your favorite Gilmore moments? I have been thinking a lot about Paris' meltdown after she sleeps with Jamie and doesn't get into Harvard. Where tf is Liza Weil's Emmy? And, of course, I am always thinking of Lorelei's monologue to Luke in the season 2 premiere. I guess I am in a downer mood. Life me up with funny GG moments!