Just Me, Or Did Lorelai & Dean Have Sexual Tension?

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Just Me, Or Did Lorelai & Dean Have Sexual Tension?

I've been a fan of Gilmore Girls since it came out on the WB in 2000, and if loving it still in 2021 is cheugy, then anoint me Queen of the Cheugs. I can't quit Gilmore Girls because it's so effortlessly rewatchable, and it's kind of the perfect show in the sense that it's full of flaws, but Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote it that way. She's a purposeful creator and we love that about her.


Did she purposefully write the sexual tension between Lorelai Gilmore and Dean Forester? Here we go.

I mean, no, of course she didn't. It's is all in my head. It's just... when you rewatch Gilmore Girls for the millionth time, your brain needs a task so it tries to find the newness. And in my latest rewatch, it decided to see some vibes between this very unrealistic and unmatchable, not to mention highly inappropriate non-couple of a couple. But I'll say what I say.

Lorelai and Dean first officially meet at Doose's market where Lorelai and Rory are picking up snacks for a movie night, and, as they're leaving, Dean runs out to find Lorelai (Rory's gone) and he says, "You forgot your Jordan Almonds"... I swear their hands lingered. Their eyes twinkled and IT WAS A MOMENT.

Lorelai invites Dean over for the movie night with Rory, thereby setting up a date for her daughter... but you guys, the smirks and the giggles between Lor and Dean do not lie! It was in this moment on the sidewalk in front of Doose's where I was like, these two have something.

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