Every Man On 'Gilmore Girls' Is Trash (Except Richard)

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Every Man On 'Gilmore Girls' Is Trash (Except Richard)

For years, you've been pressed by family, friends, and strangers to answer the question, "are you Team Jess or Team Dean," and honestly, your answer says a lot about you as a person. But what if I told you that I'm Team No One.

As a Gilmore Girls-loving society, we need to come to terms with the fact that every man on the show is truly awful (except, of course, for Richard Gilmore*, may he rest).

I can hear the collective gasps and the "but what abouts" now and I have to stop you right there. Even everyone's favorite hamburger slinging diner king Luke Danes is not exempt from my ire.

I will be using a five-coffee-cup rating system to show you just how terrible these boys/men are. Think of these cups filled with cold Maxwell House. Zero coffee mugs means he's the worst of the worst; five coffee mugs he's the best of the worst, which is still pretty awful.

Max Medina

"Max Medina, Maaaax Medina." If you don't say his name like he did on that silly little voicemail he left on Lorelei Gilmore's answering machine in Season 1, are you even a fan?! JK. But really.

I really struggle with ole Maxxy. I get the initial attraction: he's sexy, caring, and intelligent. And yet I can't stand him. The fact this man went through the trouble of acquiring 1,000 yellow daisies to cover the lobby of the Independence Inn to only propose to Lorelei over the phone... no ❤️.

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