I feel bad for the actors

Finding out about the Jon Snow sequel inevitably brought me back to the disappointing ending of Game of Thrones, and I started thinking about how much I felt for the actors who had to perform through the terrible script. Particularly Emilia Clarke, because the show made it impossible for her to give the performance she needed to give to sell Daenerys' arc.

Because the series was shrouded in so much secrecy, even the actors had no idea what was to come. The fact that Daenerys would become a mad queen was perhaps possible to write, but it's extraordinarily difficult to act when you don't know that that's your character's future. We all saw the video of them at the final table read, and how disappointed they all seemed, and it's no wonder: They spent years trying to master their characters, only to be undermined by the "shocking" end.

Anyway, this rant brought to you by 2019.