Why Isn't Paul Rudd At The 'Friends' Reunion? A List Of Possible Excuses, I Mean Reasons

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Why Isn't Paul Rudd At The 'Friends' Reunion? A List Of Possible Excuses, I Mean Reasons

"I'll be there for you... except if it interferes with my work schedule." - possibly Paul Rudd, 2021. If you, like me, were wondering why Paul Rudd wasn't at the Friends reunion on HBO Max, you are not alone. The Ant-Man star, and my favorite love interest in the whole Friends series — seriously, I've gone on podcast record saying it — did not show up for the memz with the cast and James Corden (?), which at this point is possibly a considered a crime against humanity? I think Biden may have said that during a recent speech. "If Paul Rudd doesn't show up for the Friends reunion, I will deploy my finest people to drag him there myself." I don't know you guys, I don't make the rules!

So why wasn't Rudd there? The most likely answer is kinda boring, but relatable, which makes it even more boring! But I've rounded up a few other possible reasons as to why he didn't make an appearance for the reunion, which filmed in early April. First up...

  • He's A Business Man: According to a very dedicated Twitter account, @PAUL-RUDD.COM, the actor was snapped filming The Shrink Next Door on April 29. If Rudd was in the middle of production during the Friends reunion taping, it's very possible he simply had to RSVP as "pending" until he learned his schedule just wouldn't allow.
  • He's A Business Man Pt. 2: If The Shrink Next Door doesn't do it for you, maybe I can entice you with a 'lil Marvel magic? Ant-Man 3 is set to begin filming this summer, so maybe Rudd is in pre-production and keeping things low-key until he's expected to put on the suit again. His co-star, Evangeline Lilly, was seen posting a (very intense) beach #WaspWorkout on Instagram on May 11, so Rudd could have his own #AntWorkout of his own that keeps him away from specific reunions.
  • He Had A Birthday Party: Rudd turned 52 on April 6, the same week the reunion reportedly filmed. You know what they say: You only turn 52 once. We can't expect Rudd to miss out on that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate his 52nd year on this earth for... bloopers?
  • He Didn't Wanna Do It: Rudd is astutely aware that Friends is not about Mike Hannigan. During his one-on-one interview with Chris Evans for Variety, Rudd described his time on the show as a "blip," saying, "I felt, 'I'm like a prop on this show. It’s not about Mike Hannigan." Perhaps he was asked and just decided to step aside for the main six cast members to really shine? He tends to be a scene stealer.
  • He's Got Beef With Malala: OK, maybe not this one... just trying to keep it exciting.

Maybe none of these are the case (it's probably the work one). Maybe Rudd got that Paperless Post invite and swiftly pressed "delete," before taking a nice sip of wine and turning on anything but Friends. To be fair, I would do anything and everything to avoid certain life reunions, so no judgement here Pauly boy! Cheers to saying no to social functions.

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