'Friends' Bloopers To Watch, Based On Your Personality Type

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'Friends' Bloopers To Watch, Based On Your Personality Type

The Friends reunion on HBO Max served you some bloopers. But, the pandemic is waning, the sun is shining, and you want to laugh more, dammit! More! Luckily, there are plenty of Friends bloopers to watch — in fact, so many, it's hard to decide which video on YouTube to watch. So we'll be there for you, and help you decide what blooper reel you should be watching, based on your personality type. Because only some of you have the bravery to sit through a one-hour internet video.

Are You A Monica?

You're a completist. You would say you put in 150%, but you know that's not theoretically possible. Once you start something, you refuse to stop. So this blooper reel that's a whopping one hour long should satiate you like the meal you've spent 10 hours preparing.

Are You A Ross?

You're not happy with surface-level bloopers. You want to get into the bones of things, and discover what makes them work. You're an intellectual, after all. So check out this blooper reel, which breaks down scenes by blooper, and shows you how the scene really turned out. Get ready to dig in.

Are You A Joey?

You're easily distracted. You may not have it in you to — hey, is that another video?

Ahem, as I was saying. You might not necessarily have it in you to sit and watch something that exceeds Quibi length, so this helpful video divides its many bloopers into two. Sure, put together, it's still a long video, but that's a moo point, isn't it?

Are You A Rachel?

You want to be independent, but it's just so much easier to have Daddy's credit card taking you through life. So MsMojo's guided video through Friends' bloopers is the reel for you. With that voiceover, you'll never feel alone, no matter how many dentists you leave at the altar.

Are You A Phoebe?

You're a chaos muppet. Zany. Unpredictable. So enjoy this absolutely chaotic blooper reel that cuts to black before you get to watch the cast's reactions — removing one of the best parts about bloopers from the video. Why? Who knows! Why should anyone have a pla?

Are You A Chandler?

You're self-deprecating. Sarcastic. You make jokes when you're uncomfortable. Lean into your inner Mrs. Chanandler Bong, and check out this reel, dedicated to the man. The legend. The only icon who can pull off a bowling shirt.

Are You Human?

Then you'll at least certainly enjoy this very quick, very funny blooper video, perhaps the best the series has to offer. Don't pivot away — just press play.



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