Phoebe should have ended up with David instead of Mike, yeah I said it!!!

Look, I know on paper it seems truly insane to say anyone could do better than a sweet, funny, piano-playing Paul Rudd, but every time I watch Friends (which is often) I'm always struck by how damn good Lisa Kudrow's chemistry is with Hank Azaria.

David worshipped the ground that Phoebe walked on and their time together was electric and they really did seem like each other's lobsters, didn't they? Just kind of the perfect encapsulation of opposites attract. Don't get me wrong, Mike is one hell of a runner-up and David certainly missed his window by following his career over love, but I always feel like it would have been so romantic if Phoebe *finally* just got to be with her adorable scientist man.

Am I the only one thing thinks that David and Phoebe were really the ones who deserved a fairytale ending? Or is everyone Team Mike?