Friends photo promos from the 90s were truly wild

I was reminiscing the other day about posters I had in my room growing up and one of them was this absolutely unhinged promo photo of the Friends cast all laying in bed together in various head-to-toe configurations. Matthew Perry's head is straight-up resting on Jennifer Aniston's butt! Courtney Cox and David Schwimmer are intimately holding hands even though they play siblings! I loved this poster!

See for yourself: (Might have to add this to our Should I Buy This? thread tbh).

But, really, all of the Friends promo photos from back in the day were so bizarre and so very, very 90s.

Could they BE sitting any more awkwardly on stairs?

What time is it? Time for the girls to take off their shoes, evidently:


I love all of these, they are RIDICULOUS.