Here's Justin Bieber In The Spudnik Potato Costume At The 'Friends' Reunion

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Here's Justin Bieber In The Spudnik Potato Costume At The 'Friends' Reunion

The Friends reunion on HBO Max left you with a lot of questions. Why didn't Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer ever date if they liked each other so much? What deal did Lisa Kudrow make with the devil so that she looks so good? And why is Justin Bieber there in a potato costume? No one told you life was gonna be this way.

Perhaps the most – how do I say this – try hard part of the reunion came during the fashion show, when Cindy Crawford modeled Ross Gellar's too-tight leather pants, Cara Delevingne was the Holiday Armadillo, and Bieber wore Ross's Spudnik costume from the Season 8 finale.

I'd just love to read that email from HBO Max to Bieber's team. "Hey Scooter, would Justin like to dress like a potato and dance in front of the Friends cast? Cheers, HBO Max."

"Hey HBO Max, sounds great! We'll make sure Justin does a little finger-pointy dance, too. That will be $25 million. Cheers! Scoot Scoot."

It hasn't been reported how much Bieber made for his appearance – who knows, maybe he did it for the love of the game – but (take that for what it's worth) said his fee was "in the thousands."

Enjoy Bieber as Spudnik!

Cheers and applause, indeed!

Images: HBO Max

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