If Cole Sprouse Isn't At The 'Friends' Reunion, I Don't Want It

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If Cole Sprouse Isn't At The 'Friends' Reunion, I Don't Want It

I honestly cannot remember a time when we were not all waiting for the Friends reunion to happen. Call it quarantine brain or call it impatience, but it feels like the HBO Max special was announced an entire lifetime ago. Now that it's finally on the horizon — supposedly set to premiere sometime this month — a little more information is coming out about the special, including Courteney Cox's new tease that the Friends reunion would include "a lot of special surprises."

Cox gave this very vague clue of what fans can expect from the reunion during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, May 6. Speaking with DeGeneres, the actor confirmed that she and the rest of the cast wrapped the Friends reunion a few weeks ago in April. That's a whole year after production on the reunion was originally planned, in case you were wondering. So, yes, it's actually, really happening. Cox described the reunion as "so emotional," but it was her tease of "special surprises" that peaked my interest the most.

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There are really only so many "surprises" you can fit into a reunion show, which is basically just a bunch of people talking. And never before seen scenes or bloopers feels like a stretch at this point (seriously, there are hours of Friends bloopers out there, I doubt new ones would constitute a "surprise"). The only real surprise would be the appearance of a few unannounced guests. Here's who it could be:

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