Is Dexter's Henley Outdated Serial Killer Fashion?

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Is Dexter's Henley Outdated Serial Killer Fashion?

When Showtime announced that Dexter was getting a reboot, we all had questions. Would he finally be getting caught? Would he still be growing out that beard he had in the original series finale? Would he still be doing all the murdering? These are all very pressing, important questions that have mostly been answered by the Dexter: New Blood trailers. But what we still don't know, and equally as pressing is: if his dark passenger returns, will Dexter's kill shirt also make a comeback? Surely, he can't just pop on over to an Abercrombie & Fitch and pull on a waffled brown henley shirt to get down to serial killing like its 2006, right? In 2021, is the henley still a good murder look?

Back in 2006, Dexter's kill look — complete with his army green cargo pants and black leather gloves — was as much as part of his ritual as rolling out his tarps for a pop up kill room. It was also zeitgeist-y. At the height of the original run, there would be at least two Dexters at a Halloween party thanks to the fact that all it took was for some dude to raid their closet for a henley t-shirt, which now that I think on it, was sort of a creepy costume for a drunk frat boy.

Back then, the henley was a look for a certain kind of man. A guy in a henley can do things — he knows how to fix a leaky sink, help you move, or, as Dexter showed us, sneak around shipping containers looking for the next body to dismember and escape one's childhood trauma.

So will Dexter be bringing the henley back? From the trailers, we know that his deceased sister Deb is back, haunting him with f-bombs and reminders of his past, so it's possible that once he starts getting down to killing bad guys, he'll get a little nostalgic for his signature look to really get in the mood. (Fashion is cyclical, after all.) Plus, you want to be comfortable in a breathable cotton ensemble when you're murdering. I assume.

According to Esquire, the magazine that claims to define what it takes to be a fashionable man, henley's were still in fashion as of last year, so maybe Dexter's kill look isn't as outdated as I initially assumed. To be honest, the militaristic henley look was fairly conspicuous for a town like Miami, where prints and colors are de rigueur. If he does end up pulling his old henley and gloves out of a kill kit he's been hiding all these years, at least he will fit in more with the locals. And I'm not going to lie, it would give me a little fangirl thrill to watch him throw one on, strap on his gloves and get back to what he does best.

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