I Can't Quit the Podcast to Doc to Scripted Pipeline!

Inventing Anna. The Thing About Pam. Joe vs. Carole. The Dropout. So many of our most buzzed about scripted dramas began as podcasts; podcasts that then morphed into documentaries - those documentaries, in turn, became scripted mini series. If these mini series are then turned into movies (see: the upcoming film, "Bad Blood," starring Jennifer Lawrence as Elizabeth Holmes), I might flip out.

How many times do we need to watch/listen to the SAME EXACT INFORMATION? And why, if I know it's ridiculous, do I still devour any iteration of the material thrown my way?! I need an escape. But it appears that I can't say no to series that was previously a documentary that was previously a podcast?

(Which, btw - "The Thing About Pam" is B O N K E R S. Not enough people are talking about it. Watch immediately.)