Could Jeanette’s Glasses On 'Cruel Summer' Explain Why She Didn't See Kate?

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Could Jeanette’s Glasses On 'Cruel Summer' Explain Why She Didn't See Kate?

If you're watching Cruel Summer, it's hard not to think that Jeanette Turner is suspicious as hell. Kate Wallis is convinced that Jeanette saw her through a window after creepy assistant principal Martin Harris kidnapped her, and, in Kate's mind at least, callously said nothing about it that would have prompted her immediate rescue.

Yet on Cruel Summer, things aren't quite so black and white. In fact, the truth may be a million shades of grey. It's possible that both Jeanette and Kate's truth is valid — and, as fans on Reddit have pointed out, it may have to do with whether or not Jeanette was wearing glasses.

Cruel Summer fans have long suspected that the mirrors in Martin's basement could be two-way mirrors, and that while Kate saw Jeanette, she couldn't see her. However, we now know that Kate claims Jeanette and herself locked eyes through a window, possibly debunking the two-way mirror theory — for now, anyway.

Yet mirrors aren't the only way to "see" things. Maybe instead of wondering how Kate saw Jeanette, we should focus more on how Jeanette literally sees the world.

In the 1993 summer, a dorkier Jeanette rocks glasses. Her mother points out that the teen could easily swap those out for contacts, but Jeanette shuts her down — she doesn't like anything in her eyes. One thing about glasses? If Scooby Doo taught us anything, it's possible to accidentally drop them and not be able to see a damn thing around you.

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