Clues Jeanette Is Guilty On 'Cruel Summer,' From The Necklace To The Keys

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Clues Jeanette Is Guilty On 'Cruel Summer,' From The Necklace To The Keys

Ah, summer. The beach! The warm nights with your friends! The accusation that you've aided in keeping your neighbor held captive by the assistant principal! After skyrocketing into the popular crowd after Professional Cool Girl Kate Wallis goes missing, Jeanette Turner faces a rude awakening the summer Kate is found after she is accused of knowing where Kate was the whole time. And while "reliable" is just an eight letter word on the show, there are some clues that Kate is telling the truth and Jeanette is guilty on Cruel Summer.

We don't know the truth — yet, anyway. As each episode of Cruel Summer flips back and forth between Kate and Jeanette's perspectives, it's easy to feel like one girl is telling the truth, only to completely change your mind in the following episode as new information is revealed. However, there are certainly many questionable things that make Jeanette look guilty as hell. Here's the evidence that's stacked against Jeanette so far.

She's Living Kate's Life

It does feel like a crazy coincidence that Jeanette just happened to date Kate's boyfriend Jamie after her disappearance and befriend her former squad. While right now Kate isn't accusing Jeanette of orchestrating her kidnapping in the first place (though who knows what twists this show will throw our way) it's possible that Jeanette saw Kate and panicked about her new, shiny life being stripped from her upon Kate's return. It's circumstantial evidence, of course, but it provides Jeanette with a possible motive.

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