A 'Cruel Summer' Timeline Of Everything That Happened After Kate Went To Martin’s House

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A 'Cruel Summer' Timeline Of Everything That Happened After Kate Went To Martin’s House

Cruel Summer's penultimate episode answered so many of our burning questions about Kate's kidnapping — including what her relationship with Martin was like while Kate was in captivity. While Kate was groomed from the get-go with Martin, she believed she was living in Martin's house completely by choice for several months. It's a disturbing twist, yet it also puts together a lot of puzzle pieces that didn't quite fit about Kate's kidnapping on Cruel Summer. Now, we know the truth... or at least, Kate's perception of it.

The timeline of Kate's kidnapping explains some of the show's more cryptic moments, too — like that mysterious phone call Jamie received, and what the snow globe really means. Below, everything we know that happened — and when — after Kate disappeared.

September: Kate Goes To Martin's House By Choice

The night before the first day of school, Kate sleeps over Martin's house. While Martin seemingly expects Kate to go to school, she doesn't go, and instead spends the day playing house in her soon-to-be kidnapper's home. When Martin returns, however, he and Kate realize that she can't go home, because she's now officially a missing person. Finding Kate in Martin's house would mean serious trouble for him, and so they agree to keep quiet.

September: Kate And Martin "Start A Relationship"

"Relationship" is obviously not a very accurate term here, as Martin manipulated Kate from the first day he met her. That being said, Kate and Martin essentially live in short-lived domestic bliss together, with Kate seldom questioning how her parents or friends might be feeling about her disappearance. Kate doesn't go outside, and Martin fills her in very little on the world. Kate, however, is too happy to question it: She even hopes that she and Martin can run away together when she turns 18.

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