8 Ways The 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Pilot Foreshadowed The Finale

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8 Ways The 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Pilot Foreshadowed The Finale

Rebecca Bunch may have thought she was "just a girl in love" in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but the show was much more than that. The entire series served as a prelude to her finding true love, sure, but not in the traditional sense of a romantic suitor — it was about her finding love within herself and within her own happiness.

The pilot of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend lays the groundwork for the finale's revelation — the a-ha moment that Rebecca wants to be a songwriter, and that she is, in fact, in love. Not in the I-need-a-savior-I-feel-so-broke-inside kind of way. Instead, throughout the series' almost four year run, Rebecca learned how to fall in love with Rebecca.

As the Emmy-winning creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Rachel Bloom told The Hollywood Reporter in 2019, "The show was always about one person's quest for who they are inside. For me, it was always about, how do you find out — not who you are, because that's an ongoing journey — but how do you get in touch with your inner happiness and then actually execute that? How do you marry the inside with the outside?"

So how did the pilot foreshadow Rebecca's final moments on the show? As a major fan of the musical series (I attended two of the cast concerts featuring the original songs from the show — count 'em, there were 157 total), I revisited Rebecca in the first episode as well as Rebecca in the last episode to see how the dots connect. Warning: Spoilers for the entire series to follow.

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