Who Is Colton Underwood's Boyfriend? Jordan C. Brown Has An Impressive Resume

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Who Is Colton Underwood's Boyfriend? Jordan C. Brown Has An Impressive Resume

On Friday, Dec. 3, the world (with an active Netflix account) will get to watch Colton Underwood explore his identity as a gay man. Netflix's Coming Out Colton follows the former Bachelor lead as he comes out as gay to his family, friends, and the world on Good Morning America, all while learning about his community and those that have fought for the rights he has now. (He also learns what the word "cis" means, thanks to Gus Kenworthy.

Following the documentary series, you may wonder about Colton's boyfriend, Jordan C. Brown, who is not featured in the show, but is an important pillar in Colton's life now, half a year after his headline-making GMA interview with Robin Roberts.

So in case you wanted the fast facts on Colton's boyfriend, and their relationship, we've got you covered.

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  • According to the New York Times profile on Colton, the two started dating several months ago. He told the Times he is "very happy and very in love" with Brown.
  • Speaking of Brown, he is a "political strategist" who worked on John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign, advised on both campaigns for Barack Obama, and worked on Hillary Clinton's campaign, as well.
  • He is also heavily involved in celebrity involvement when it comes to politics, per Us Weekly, "leveraging the entertainment community's reach to spur engagement."
  • (In case you're wondering/nosy, Colton hasn't seemingly spoken out about his personal politics, but has previously called his father a conservative Republican.)
  • Brown lives in Los Angeles. The series follows Colton as he moved back to Colorado from Los Angeles.
  • The families have met! According to Colton, "The easiest way for me to say it is that it was like me bringing a girl home,” he told the Times. “Like, nobody batted an eye.”
  • Brown seems to have many A-list friends, sharing photos on Instagram with Sophia Bush, Olivia Wilde, and Colton's guide on the series, Gus Kenworthy.
  • He was in the .1% of Yebba listeners on Spotify this year. (Yes, I managed to shoehorn in a Spotify Unwrapped tidbit.)

Images: Colton Underwood/Instagram

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