Why Did La'Darius Leave Navarro? Here's What The 'Cheer' Star Is Doing Now

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Why Did La'Darius Leave Navarro? Here's What The 'Cheer' Star Is Doing Now

There's a feud in Cheer Season 2 between La'Darius Marshall and the Navarro coaching staff. And, as he explains in Episode 6, all the tension between the tumbler and coaches Monica Aldama and Kailee Peppers is the reason why La'Darius left Navarro in Cheer. If you follow La'Darius on social media, this shouldn't come as a shock. But "Tumblers" gives him, the coaches, and his former teammates the chance to share their perspectives on the messy situation.

At the start of Season 2, Episode 6, La'Darius says he's happy with his decision to quit Navarro. "I did my time. I've cheered with the best of them," he says, as he fishes in Pensacola, Fla., (and gets frustrated with a poor duck). "I can't be killing my body anymore. I'm tired. My body is dead and burnt out."

But it wasn't just about the physical toll that cheer was taking on him that led him to quit. Instead, it seems the coaching switch-up that happened when Monica went on Dancing with the Stars is what frustrated him and prompted him to leave.

In particular, La'Darius had issues with assistant coach Kailee, who had once been his teammate. As shown in Episode 5, La'Darius wasn't the only one feeling the growing pains of Kailee stepping into a leading coach position when Monica went on DWTS. But La'Darius clearly harbored some resentment at the regime change, as he felt the responsibility of teaching and coaching the rookies fell to him.

La'Darius said he called Monica multiple times when she was in Los Angeles for Dancing with the Stars, but the calls never went through. When Monica came back to Navarro, he claimed he tried to talk to her about his issues with the assistant coaches, but she wasn't interested in hearing it. "When she came back from Dancing with the Stars, it was almost like she forgot where she came from."

Then, there was an incident with La'Darius giving Kailee one of his dogs to look after (as Monica described it, "a little blow-up with Kailee over a dog"). Apparently, there was a miscommunication over whether La'Darius had given her the dog to keep for good or not. But Gabi's thoughts on it were that La'Darius was trying to get Kailee fired. He quit after the dog debacle, saying, "I said, 'I'm leaving, I don't care about anybody else's feelings 'cause clearly people don't care about mine.'"

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But the drama didn't end there since La'Darius took to social media to post accusations about the coaches, which his former teammates and friends, like TT, resented. He also would wear Navarro gear to cheer competitions, which Monica took issue with. The social media posts featured in "Tumblers" showing La'Darius seemingly making accusations against the coaches and wearing Navarro gear after he quit are still up.

La'Darius does return in the Season 2 finale to cheer on Navarro at Daytona. ("I'mma always watch you perform and do your best. Always. I love you," he tells a crying Monica as he hugs her.) After Navarro loses to Trinity Valley Community College, La'Darius comes to Monica's hotel room and admits that he doesn't think Monica is abusive. He appears to be hurt that he didn't feel his relationship with Monica was as close as he perceived it to be once she came back after her DWTS stint. But he says he behaved harshly and asks Monica to forgive him.

The season ends with La'Darius saying he misses Navarro, but that, "I feel like we're definitely going our separate ways." As for what's next for him, La'Darius told The Dallas Morning News in January 2021 (when he was still with Navarro) how he had been considering studying radiology at Central Arkansas, but that his real dream was to be an actor. "I want to act so bad, and I feel like it's time for me to do that," he said. "I feel like this year — 2021, no matter what's going on in this world, I'm going to do it. I'm going to be a film star. It's just in my blood."

Currently, he's coaching at Cheer Athletics in Pensacola. He's also been cheering on his daughter (sorry had to do it), who is a cheerleader like him. You can find him on Cameo, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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Though La'Darius cut his career with Navarro short, it had already been extended because of COVID-19. At least now it seems he's moved on with Coach Monica's forgiveness.

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