Follow The 'Cheer' Season 2 Trinity Valley Cast Members' Instagrams Here

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Follow The 'Cheer' Season 2 Trinity Valley Cast Members' Instagrams Here

I'm just going to go ahead and say it: thank the Netflix gods for the Trinity Valley Community College's casting on Cheer Season 2. While the first season took off because fans fell in love with the passionate and heartwarming kids from Navarro College, that team had disintegrated into negativity amid all of the scandals surrounding their team, COVID changes, and the weight of their own fame by the time they hit the Daytona bandshell in April 2021. Facts are facts. So the choice to follow their rivals, TVCC, in Season 2 was a blessed one and the young adults competing across the road in Athens, Texas are just as hilarious, hardcore, and of course, talented AF.

In Cheer Season 1, Trinity Valley was presented as merely Navarro's rival, but this season, we get an inside look at not only how each team approaches training, but a deeper dive into some of their key squad members and the coaching team, led by Vontae Johnson and Khris Franklin. Here's where to follow (most of) them on social media.

Jada Wooten

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Jada emerges as the team leader by the end of the season, even stepping up as a sort of peer-coach, pushing her teammates to glory.

Angel Rice

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Her mother describes her as cheerleading's Simone Biles and watching her tumble across the mat, it is clear that she's no exaggerating.

Jaden Rice

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Angela's brother, and one of the three Weenies of the TVCC squad, Jay, is also one cheerleader to watch.

Jeron Hazlewood

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When not encouraging his straight, male teammates to channel their inner gay for performances, Jeron is posing on Instagram with a very strong handbag game.

Devonte Joseph

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The leader of the Weenies, as Coach Franklin and Johnson describe him and Jayden and Benji, this kid defies gravity on a daily basis. Who cares if he won't smile for the judges when he's flying through the air?

Ben "Benji" Chester

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Benji might not be front and center all the time, but he holds his teammates down. And even manages to crack a smile while doing it, unlike his two bros, Devonte and Jay.

Vontae Johnson

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With a completely different coaching style than Navarro's Monica Aldama, Vontae still manages to push his squad to the limits. And it hits even harder when they win, given that he admitted to being "that guy" who dropped his top girl back at the 2013 Daytona championships.

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