Kanye is Spiraling

I am... exhausted. Every single day there is headline after headline, and push notifications all updating me on the recent antics of a one Kanye West. Now I am coming to you as someone who *was* a Kanye defender, but he lost me during the Trump era and then even more when he announced that Kim was going to abort their daughter North. I was like, this man is indefensible.

And recently, I am just tired. I am tired of him constantly bashing women, and the mother of his children so publicly, because it does seem he really only ever comes after women, the newest one being a 20-year-old Billie Eilish.

I know I am probably stating the obvious, but I wish he would just stop making Kim's life hell and be quiet for a little while. Some of the best advice I've ever gotten was from a real housewife and it was "when you don't know what to do, stand still" and I think Mr. West would benefit from that. Because he is losing it.