Amanda Bynes on my mind

I keep thinking about what Amanda Bynes life looks life if and when her conservatorship is terminated. She's been under care since 2014 and is now almost 36 years old. She's about to get a new apartment by the beach and move in with her fiance and it will be the first time they live together because she has been living at a women's only sober living residence. Based on her IG bio she is working on a fragrance line and she is getting her face tat removed. It all seems stable and normal, but also such a different life than the one she had before.

From the outside looking in, it seems the way her conservatorship has been handled actually seems rather respectfully and she wasn't taken advantage of and got the help she needed and hopefully will continue to. It's just so odd that Britney's conservatorship was happening at exactly the same time and being handled so differently and nobody bothered to say this isn't right.

It has been nice to see Lindsey Lohan turn her life around, and while Lindsey was never put under a conservatorship, she did deal with her fair share of substance abuse and reckless behavior. We love an underdog who makes a comeback so rooting for Amanda!