Kanye needs to listen to Charlamagne The God

Kanye being Charlamagne's Donkey of the Day is beyond fitting, and the great part is that he didn't just clown Kanye, call him crazy and blow him off like most people want to these days. He actually was being a friend and offering him great insight and advice - https://www.instagram.com/p/CbF5jRzjOzF/

Kanye's new Netflix doc really does shed light on Kanye's personality, his spirituality and why Kanye seems so broken after losing his mother. If feels like everyone around him is walking on eggshells just to stay in his good graces instead of being a real friend and giving him the hard truth. I don't want to just write Kanye off as crazy because clearly he is more than that, but if he does not start accepting truths from people around him that care, he is going to lose more than just a marriage.

While I know Kanye understands the power of media and controlling it and using it's power in his favor, and a lot of his antics are for show and to increase sales and net worth, there is still a very real pain in his posts about his family that he needs to address and heal from. I don't feel bad for Kanye the billionaire, I feel bad for Kanye the lonely guy who is hiding inside.