Kim Kardashian's advice wasn't wrong

I know people are up in arms about Kim K's piece of advice for women who want to succeed in business needing to just work. And yes, every point that Jameela Jamil made in her call out of Kim was true. However, the two have nothing to do with each other. I agree, having someone come from a privileged life telling you to just work if you want to make it inspires immediate eye rolls, but her advice isn't wrong.

One, I actually believe of all the Karadashian sisters, Kim works her ass off the hardest. And while her work day is significantly different than 99.9% of work days for other women, it's still work. The influencer industry is the one industry women overwhelmingly dominate and out-earn men. While there is a lot of cleanup that needs to happen in terms of authenticity, claims and types of products being sold, I'm still here for any business that women are at the top.